🎆Boost Program and Reward System

Due to the lack of real data in the Learn to Earn model, Mundocrypto will create a booster program in the first months to create a sustainable and fair reward system for students.

  • Boost program: The user will buy access to join the Learn to Earn, Mundocrypto Foundation Treasury will allocate the cost of the ticket and 20% extra distributed in the different tests of the formation. In the scenario where the price of $MCT is $1, the access costs $500 and the selected course has 8 tests: a total of 600 $MCT will be allocated for the 8 tests (75 $MCT per test passed). If the student passes all 8 tests he will receive a total of 600 $MCT

After the booster program, we will collect the data to create the automatic reward calculator based on test results and grades, creating a fair system that rewards the best students following one simple rule: The business model has to be sustainable.

Mundocrypto Treasury will use the Ecosystem Incentives tokens to set a reward of up to 20% of the total cost of the access. Example: $MCT price is $1 and the cost of the course is $500, 100 $MCT per student will be allocated to Learn to Earn rewards.

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