🚦Environments for Communities

Mundocrypto VR world will be 100% free to access, multiplatform and multichain. This means that there is no need for crypto knowledge to interact with the platform. You only need to log in from a computer, which will enable access to all web3 features in the metaverse meaning VR users will have constant access to rewards.

Furthermore, Mundocrypto's metaverse is a VR map full of environments hosted on individual and collective servers. There, every user will be able to create communities within via their own space called "environments". These servers will be accessible to users who will have a wide range of environments to join and learn. The metaverse will have 3 districts:

  • Alfa: University.

  • Beta: Education hubs.

  • Gamma: Even though our main focus is on education, we understand that a metaverse needs entertainment. So this district is dedicated to users who are looking for more than just education. Areas tailored to real estate investors, private owners, fashion avenues, gaming, etc...

Each district can be accessed directly from other districts.

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