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How to be a Student

Step 1: Create your account or connect your wallet
You can either sign in with traditional login methods (Email & Password or Google) or directly sign in the platform with your wallet and complete the rest of your user profile data. You’ll be able to add up to 5 different wallets, but bear in mind you will have to set one of them as the default wallet to earn your rewards.
Step 2: Enroll into a course
Look for your favourite course in the category you’re most interested in. Carefully read what you’ll learn and the benefits that enrolling in that course will bring you. Once you have chosen your perfect course, you can proceed with the payment.
Select your preferred payment method to get started. We allow payments in FIAT, a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and of course in our own $MCT Token.
Once the payment is completed, the course will be added to your “My Learning” section, and you’re ready to go.
Step 3: Complete a course
You will be able to visualise each course both in video and written formats. Each course will be divided into different sections, each section containing the video lectures and its associated test. Apart from this, below each video lecture, you will additional information such as a description, attached documents, announcements, etc.
As we mentioned above, there will be a test at the end of each unit. Questions will be selected randomly from a wide database of multiple-choice questions. Be careful not to run out of time, and make sure you take the test in a quiet and calm environment, as we will monitor your activity during the test to avoid cheating circumstances.
Step 4: Get rewarded
You will have the chance of earning rewards of up to 120% of the total cost of the course. Every time you pass a test, the corresponding tokens will be added to your assigned rewards. Hit the claim button and wait for your tokens to be transferred to the wallet which you’ve previously set as default.