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The Metaverse for Community & Education

MundoCrypto is a metaverse focused on providing communities with a safe and interactive environment where people can socialize, learn and earn through a combination of education, VR, and NFTs. We currently have one of the largest communities with over 200,000 active users on social media. Our 55,000 students have developed more than 100,000 applications.

Education is the first step to adopting web3 technologies, where top blockchains are focusing on blockchain education. Therefore, MundoCrypto wants to be the educational bridge between its metaverse and adopters by implementing incentivized methods.

So, here are the communication channels of MundoCrypto:

1) Mundocrypto Platform

Our platform will be an intermediary between instructors and students, where teachers can create their own learn-to-earn model and students will be rewarded for learning.

2) Learn to Earn

This model incentivizes students to complete their courses. Given that there are no real statistics about completion rates in a learn-to-earn model, we have decided that the first months will be a booster program where every student could receive a compensation of 20% of the cost of the course. The boost program will give us enough information to establish an accurate reward system for our students.

For example, if a course costs $500 and the value of $MCT is $1. If the course has 4 tests, 600 $MCT will be distributed in 4 tests (150 $MCT for each test). So, if the student passes the 4 tests, he/she will receive 600 $MCT tokens.

3) B2B/B2G Academic Model

We will provide academic services to other companies and governments, so they can build their custom academy and their users can learn how this platform works.

B2B courses will have their own space in the VR metaverse, where NFT certificate holders can learn, play and earn.

4) Mundocrypto Community

We are convinced that a strong and educated community is able to grow harmoniously to build a better future. We will reward the best students in terms of community. Roles and level systems will be introduced in the reward system.

5) Mundocrypto News

Our editorial team will work hard to bring us the latest news from the digital asset space with accurate information generating daily content. Here, users will find all the information they need to stay up to date with the crypto sector. $MCT holders will have premium news and features.

6) Mundocrypto Events

Worldwide events will be launched in partnership with B2B academies, countries, and communities. So, top students and $MCT holders will have access to these exclusive events.

7) Mundocrypto Incubator

This incubator program will allow students and entrepreneurs to create their own start-ups, helping them to grow and become successful.

8) Mundocrypto VR World

We are building the future of education with sophisticated applications that will incentivize socialisation and entertainment by incorporating blockchain technology. This will be possible by letting: a) Universities and individual teachers create their environment to teach their students. b) Communities of different online education courses can learn and earn together in VR classrooms. c) Users can entertain, learn and interact with one another in the same space.

Mundocrypto is creating an economy based on loyalty and reputation an efficient and self-sustainable economic model.

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