Why this distribution?

  • Airdrop: 6% of the tokens (60 million $MCT tokens) will be airdropped to the best students in the previous academy.

  • Future Private Sales: 13% of the tokens (130 million $MCT tokens) will be allocated for future private sales over time.

  • Foundation: These tokens will be unlocked progressively and will be used to protect the project's growth to ensure its sustainability over time.

  • Ecosystem Incentives: Designed for users and top students. Rewards will always be lower than income to ensure sustainability.

  • Marketing & Partners: Marketing and partners tokens will be used to ensure the growth of the Mundocrypto ecosystem.

  • Team: Team tokens will have the longest lockup period.

  • Liquidity: Liquidity tokens will be given to exchanges, market makers, and liquidity providers to ensure that the token is liquid.


In Mundocrypto's economic model, income is always greater than rewards. So, the learn-to-earn model will be based on the $MCT token.

  • Boost program: To create an optimized reward model, we need to collect data from students to have a balance between rewards and incentives. To do it, we will collect data during the first few months.

  • Optimal reward system: This means that the platform rewards will be calculated based on the revenue. The treasury will reward a maximum of 20% of the cost of the access. 85% go to rewards, and 15% to the community.

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