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Token Utility

$MCT is Mundocrypto's native token and it will be built on Ethereum's blockchain. It has the following uses:
  • Access: Users can spend their MCT tokens to access the:
    • Learn-to-earn model.
    • Exclusive zones
    • Buying products.
    • Create/buy assets.
  • Stake: Users can stake $MCT tokens to boost their rewards in the Learn to Earn model.
  • Rewards: Mundocrypto will reward the best students through learn to earn model.
  • Fees & burn: 2.5% of royalties from all the NFTs collections created by Mundocrypto and created in the Mundocrypto metaverse will be automatically burned.
  • Governance: $MCT stakers can participate in Mundocrypto's governance decisions. This means that users that hold $MCT tokens have power to decide in certain decisions. For example: The creation of a DAO, the decentralisation level of the metaverse, etc.