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Mission,Vision & Values


Mundocrypto's mission is to build the first platform where students are rewarded for learning and teachers can list their online courses on our platform creating an ecosystem where students, instructors, and the community can interact and entertain one another with crypto-related topics, and receive compensation via MCT tokens while doing it.


Mundocrypto's main vision is to engage with as many people as possible in the short term while reaching mass adoption through a learn-to-earn educational model. Being the main gateway for new users in the web 3.0 and blockchain sector.


1) Education

In Mundocrypto, we are convinced that global digital education is the starting point. So, every instructor can create a course, list it, and offer it via our learn-to-earn model.
2) Scalability
Considering the rhythm of adoption of the sector during the first five years, Mundocrypto is building a web3 educational platform that can support a high number of connected users without sacrificing performance.
3) Interoperability
Mundocrypto is building a platform that is compatible with multiple blockchains at the same time.
4) Sustainability
We want Mundocrypto to be a web3 educational platform that can have a solid and auto-sustained economic model.
5) Security
We are conscious that fraud and theft are always a threat. That's why Mundocrypto is developing its platform with the highest security standards in the blockchain industry.
6) Community-Driven
We are building a web3 educational platform for all crypto communities.
7) Entertainment
To achieve mass adoption in our industry, we are aware that the main focus needs to be on entertainment. To do this, Mundocrypto is implementing VR dynamics.