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The B2B model, Mundocrypto News, and the first VR world will introduce an educational environment available on VR, PC, and mobile to provide web3 companies a platform to educate their communities via our model. Each community will have its own servers where they can use NFTs and the MCT token to incentivise their students and companies.

Entertainment events such as concerts, sports, and games will be implemented to combine learning and earning.

On the other hand, we are aware that, in the VR industry, connecting people without lag is a big challenge due to the 360-degree renders, 3D objects, and real physics. Therefore, to solve the issue and guarantee the best user experience, Mundocrypto will use limited but scalable servers through replication. So, users can share their IDs on public servers to be sure that they are on the same server.


Users will enter the university via its main hall and will decide which interactive hubs they want to enter. In these hubs, there will be an educational area in the training company that the server has selected.

Once the training is complete, users can claim their NFTs which will provide exclusive access to the VIP area of each hub. This way, users can go to the web3 university from their personal area and complete their courses simply by logging in with their watch.

Education Hubs

Each of these hubs consists of private spaces belonging to MundoCrypto education partnerships. Everything will be generated in high resolution and each space will have a VIP area only accessible via an NFT. You can get these NFTs by completing the courses.

Rebuilding the Concept of Lands

Nowadays, lands are becoming very popular in different metaverses, and Mundocrypto is redesigning this concept by turning environments into NFTs. Environments are private servers where any user will be able to design their own space via Mundocrypto Builder. Once it's done, they can list it and invite anyone to join and watch educational content, movies, and play games. It will be the evolution of forums.

So, users will have the opportunity to buy "communities" which will give them privacy to carry out debates, lectures, and discussions. Moreover, users can mute the entire room or certain speakers. On the other hand, Mundocrypto's rooms will be a reduced space which will have two LED screens with ads.

Private Environments

Environments will allow private property holders to create customized environments. This will let these users create a virtual environment for their communities.

Each land can be viewed as one server, where many people can join to interact.

Avatar Creation

Avatars are animated representations of each user. It's their digital image inside the metaverse. In Mundocrypto's metaverse, avatars can be modified and customized via the avatar builder. This tool lets users incorporate exclusive skins, wearables, and other items.

Events Hall

A common space that will host different events. The user can also go to the concert hall directly from their personal area.


This includes Mundocrypto's NFT museum, an iconic building that will honor the world's most important museums. In the main hall, there will be a customized avatar for each user in multiple languages. It will be divided into these areas:

  • Theater.

  • NFT Museum.

  • Private Gallery.

  • Private auction room.

Through Mundocrypto Builder, users will be able to create art such as paintings or sculptures inside the museum which can be traded as NFTs. Users can enter the museum from their personal area and attend exhibitions.

Mundocrypto Builder

With the Mundocrypto builder tool, anyone will be able to create businesses and avatars without limits. You can download a series of predefined editable templates or build from scratch. Also. we will implement the following features:

  • Business/Products/Services: They have a template for each of them.

  • Individual elements: Each element has one template.

So, anyone can select any business/product/service to integrate with pre-built elements. Here are the steps you need to follow to create assets with this tool:

  • Create an asset: You can also import it from another platform.

  • Separate the asset into pieces: This is necessary because Mundocrypto will interact which each piece. For example, if you create a building with an entrance door, and they are not divided, the avatar will collide with all the parts.

  • Create a rig file: Rig files separate assets into many parts that are aligned later for the final asset.

  • Exporting an asset: Once an asset is finished, we can import it to Mundocrypto. In case it's exported as an NFT, you can place it in Mundocrypto's marketplace.

You can create trees, lawn, chairs, tables, etc.


Nowadays, there are in-game assets, such as skins, that are controlled by companies that own centralised servers. Now, with NFTs, it enables users to trade their in-game purchases.

The first obstacle to entering the metaverse is knowing how to use a crypto wallet. So, our solution is to create a learn-to-earn metaverse for new crypto newcomers and two different marketplaces (NFT assets and non-NFT assets).

  • Skins marketplace: Users can purchase skins, like in Fortnite, from stores in the metaverse. With them, these skins can be added to the avatar.

  • NFTs marketplace: This kind of marketplace is tradable and multichain. Users will be able to exchange lands, exclusive apparel, vehicles, pictures, 3D elements, buildings, among other assets.

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