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The $MCT token has three use cases:
Mundocrypto is relying on Ethereum blockchain's security as the main base, being able to work using a multichain approach with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, among others.
The wallet you will use will be protected by the highest security standards with the following scenarios:
Data will have an API authorization tokens. Also, AWS WAF will provide agile protection. Also, information will have encrypted payloads for sensitive information and password encryption.
Moreover, resources will be entirely managed on AWS and protected through VPC with private subnets. AWS secrets managers, database encryption through AWS KMS, AWS certificate manager for SSL, limited IAM role-based access, and private S3 repositories.
In its architecture, with the https authentication, jail login, CSRF protection, DoS and DDoS protection, SSRF protection, HTTPS parameter pollution protection, 2 way SSL/TLS authentication, role separation, domain and registrar security, injection attacks protection, intrusion detection, and web security.
Finally, considering security of wallets, storage of private keys, congestion risk and network security. Protected against a 51% attacks, phishing attacks, sybil attacks, spoofing, and other relevant attacks. Regarding our server, it only stores temporary assets that are not minted yet, so possible security breaches are minimal.
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